Welcome to Arkheim Winter

In the time before man, a group of Deities were sent down from the heavens to create a true paradise; they roamed the world endlessly drawing its beauty with simply their touch. They developed its surface, in what they believed to be a true paradise.

It is now that we welcome you to the world we now know as Arkheim Winter. A world derived from fantasy, a world of elves, dwarves, dragons and other endless races. Travel through the snow covered mountains, across fields of lush green grass as you battle your way to glory and honour. Arkheim Winter is a realm designed to fulfil the fantasies of every individual, be your preference that of pure role-playing or that of hunting down the enemy and slaughtering them at will. Join a cabal chosen by will if you wish to go on a killing & roleplaying rampage, or seek out a role within the government of Arkheim Winter if you wish to take your chances at royalty.

We offer a friendly and knowledgeable staff whose goals are the pure enjoyment of the game for all whom dare to enter. We have a wide range of classes and races to choose from, over 75 regions to get lost in, as well a pack full of skills and spells for every class. Come in and discover the world of Arkheim winter.


Arkheim Winter

The immortals and players are friendly and fair. Constant code improvements, class balancing, unique items and a very detailed clan system are just a few items which make this mud worth visiting. The amount of work and ideas put into the gameplay can be seen firsthand. 12 different races to choose from, 11 classes, 6 cabals and a strong commitment to ensuring a balance between gaming and RP makes this mud a worthwhile experience. I have started playing this mud last week and so far I have nothing to complain about - If you are a player who is looking for a new and fresh experience, drop on by.

Address telnet://arkheimwinter.kyndig.com:6666 ( If server is down check back again soon
Web Site http://arkheimwinter.com/
12 Races
12 Classes
6 Guilds
About 3000 rooms
Approximatly 90% Original
Newbie Friendly
Player Killing
Role Playing